My weightloss journey

Hi I am tracking my weight every week. I am the Indian aunty who is shedding the the rice and curry pounds.  I am happy to announce that in five days I have lost 2.5 pounds of weight. I am 165.2 pounds. Every pound lost is a blessing. I hope to be a size 12 by the end of May and get back to my pre- pregnancy weight. As an Indian aunty living in Northern Ireland and married to an Irish man I have adapted to the Irish culture especially the Irish food.

As my husband loves Chicken curry and rice I love fish and chips.Now you can also get curry chips how Indo- Irish can one get. I try to eat smaller portions and  go out for walks when ever I can. I do not have a specific plan except to lose this weight by my 35th birthday and wear the clothes I would like to wear.

I wish all my fellow dieters all the best. We can do it and hope by God’s grace , determination and will power we can lose this excess flab and move on to fab. So here is me signing of Wishing my fellow dieters all the best.

From the Indian Aunty in Northern Ireland

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