green-caterpillar-branch-leaves-19229956There was once a caterpillar who was a worm like all caterpillars everyday she used to climb on her favourite leaf and watch the beautiful butterflies in the morning and glow worms in the night, she loved the butterflies and asked God “Dear Lord I am just a little black worm can you please make me beautiful, I want to be a butterfly and if I can’t be a butterfly make me a glow worm.


imgres-4She heard God laughing and saying dear one be patient there will be a time you will spread your wings and fly, caterpillar got up every morning and said Daddy God is it today, I will fly? is it today?


imgresShe heard God saying patience little black one, the time is near, One day after caterpillar had a good lunch of celery she felt tired and built herself a beautiful nest, she said “ She said God I am going to hibernate and please wake me up after spring comes,” so God said He has placed the best orchestra when you little one awake, God has asked Mr Cricket to play his music, Miss Robin to sing her song, and Miss Nightingale to sing along and the winds to blow the flute.imgres-1


imgres-3The little black caterpillar was overjoyed with tears in her eyes she went to sleep not knowing if she will ever awake again, but Daddy God watched over her. Days, turned to weeks and weeks to months, Suddenly Caterpillar felt the sun’s rays on her face, she got up, she thought it was a dream as the Divine Orchestra conducted by the greatest Conductor Daddy God Himself, The music started, the caterpillar pushed and tugged at her nest and as the Robin went tweet, tweet as the cricket did his whistling and as the nightingale sang her melodious song, the beautiful butterfly emerged.imgres-2


God had tears in his eyes, Butterfly did not understand as the forest stood in awe at the most beautiful butterfly, God said “ God said butterfly go have a look at your reflection in the pond, as butterfly looked she asked God is that me ? Is that really me ?images


God looked at her and said “sweetheart I made you, I watched over you and now you have wings to fly, but remember never have pride but remember you will be a beautiful bride and never let God’s will be tried, promise me, butterfly with tears in her eyes said Daddy God “ your will be done” You have seen me as a little insignificant black worm, now you have made me a butterfly, I love you and I will always love you till the end”




One thought on “Metamorphosis

  1. ” I want to be a butterfly and if I can’t be a butterfly make me a glow worm.” Funny how no matter what our age we like to tell our God what to do! Yet He doesn’t tire of listening to our prayers … and answering them for His glory and our good.

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