imagesSunshine, Oh Sunshine,

You are so divine,

Why did God your rays on me never refrain,

As I see the beauty of the earth,

Because of you shining down on creation,

Thank you for this new generation,

Please on earth through God make a transformation,

Let there be no retribution,

As I see the clouds making a beautiful formation,

I see the rays of sunlight playing hide and seek,

Oh God at times I am timid and weak,

Please through the rays of light,

Let me bring you joy and delight,

As I see the stars in the night,

I think of you and hope,

It is like watching the universe in a telescope,

One day from God’s point of view will be a pretty sight,

Lord thank you for the battles in my mind you helped me fight.

And I will always love you now and forever,

My handsome King and Saviour



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