Is Black Beautiful

imagesOne day she stood among the women sweating as she picked grain from the roots of the paddy fields she was sixteen years old, becoming a young woman was very difficult from Arunadati. She now had to wear a blouse, long skirt which kept getting muddy and wet in the paddy fields and a half saree to cover her back and young womanhood, as she saw the bright sun’s rays falling on her face a wonderful bronze shade that glittered in the sun, her bronze arms carrying the rice on her young strong shoulders.images-1


Suddenly she saw Arun a young man about eighteen, smocking and trying to jump over a puddle of rain water, He was the master of the house and hated getting his sandals dirty just as he managed to jump but slipped along the way and fell into a mucky


Arundati let out a giggle after a giggle she could not stop laughing as the ray of sunlight fell on her bronze face and arms and light brown eyes her hair tied in a long plait Arun could not understand it something from deep within tightened his stomach, He stared into her eyes not out of anger but fascination but this was no imagination he could not get Arundati out of his head as she stood there giggling in the sunlight the sun playing games with her face and image.


He was a high caste Bhramin and she was a low caste Sudra, now I am asking you my dear readers” Can a high caste and a low caste ever mingle”? “Can dark and white ever be united”? “Can rich and poor ever hold hands” Could there be chemistry at this love spell mystery”?images-2


The answer is a shocking yes, love overcomes barriers, Love overcomes bigotry, Love overcomes racism, now coming back to this story, Arun held out his hand not bothering to dust the mud of his shirt and looked into the most gorgeous hazel eyes in the world.


He smiled his cute sheepish smile this time Arundati had tingles all down her spine, she was confused at this strange feeling, she turned her head and tried to run with the paddy on her shoulders but the edge of her saree brushed Arun’s face. He knew then it only takes minutes to fall in


Arun being fair, tall handsome of the highest caste had fallen in love with a dark low caste woman a sudra. Can there ever be a union between the two,? As Arun and Arundati got to know each other through secret meetings in the river, He knew, he and Arundati were meant to be together, her perfect body and her chiselled features this was the young woman of his dreams.


Arun was light skinned with green eyes due to the Arayan race, as he held hands with Arundati for the first time, and as they shared their first kiss they knew this relationship was meant to be.


They decided to run away to the UK as Arun had to study in University in London to become a lawyer, No one knew what happened to Arundati but the bronze daughter of the earth, had won the heart of the land lord and now they decided to live in London as husband and wife even Arun’s parents did not know but the laughing God of earth and sky looked down on them with favour.


It is at times as these the God of earth and sky play with humour, love and soul to make a one humanity whole.


In conclusion Arun and Arundati were legally married, Arundati learned English, Arun was a proud husband to one of the most attractive bronze coloured woman.

Where high caste walked hand in hand with low caste,


Where Arayan and Dravidian smile in peace, where one day black and white mingle.


Dear readers if love knocks on your dors with something you did not expect grab it with both hands, its better to be in love with the polar opposite than be single with no one, if an individual takes away pride and prejudice all you have left is


The end

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