My View On Genetics

imagesMy view on genetics, When God made man he made every individual different according to his pre-destination as spoken by John Calvin and due to the omniscience of God or due to all knowing foreknowledge of God. Even identical twins have different DNA.


The Genes of our great-grandparents in an individual’s family tree affect the babies born in the family line, these genes make an individual from the time he or she is in the womb, when the husband plants the seed and the wife carries this seed in her womb to create the most significant being on planet earth a beautiful baby.


When Kings and Queens want to find a bride or bridegroom for their children they always look for blue blood, even the Pharaohs of Egypt married within the family be it cousins or close family to protect this blue blood.


The genes are so important in making an individual, which includes an individual’s mental capability, and an individual’s looks. Now if one takes an individual of good genes and puts them in a bad society this individual still has great genes but peer pressure, bad influence affects these individuals.


Now imagine a mother hen is sitting on her eggs for incubation and soon the eggs hatch and one of them is an eagle. This eagle waddles like a chicken and lives like a chicken one day this eagle looked up into the sky and saw other eagles flying and wished she could be like those eagles but in this eagle’s mind she is a chicken and she did not even know how to fly, but in her body, spirit and soul she was an eagle. That was her DNA that was her genetics.imgres


My dear friends are you stuck in the rut of a disillusioned society, livening to party every weekend away, I am not telling you not to party but there is hope, binge drinking, drug taking, is not healthy be a rebel take steps for a better life away from being like your friends or family, maybe you can go back to university set your heart and mind that you will rebel against the constraints put by peer pressure and you will be a boon to society instead of being the contrary. If our parents have had drink problems we have to set our minds that we will not end up the same way or if we have friends that are pulling us down we have to let go of those friendships.


You are you, you are a great person have goals in life, have ambitions you can succeed you are a human being, you have a God given mind you are an intelligent human being, break that mould of poverty thinking, break that mould of addictions, you dear friends make you proud. God Almighty predestined you for such a time as this in this 21st century.


If you are living just to party you will end up disillusioned with life, I am by no means telling you not to party but party with limits. Have goals, ambitions and dreams for your life, rise up and say “I am going to be an individual who is going to be useful to society, I am not going to pull my family down but am going to raise them up and in raising up my family I am raising up my society and my country.


If you are a mum be the best mum in the world so that your children and grand children will be leaders in society. Keep away from addictive drugs and alcohol and be a healthy happy person. Be a blessing to society, what do we mean by being a blessing it means helping other people be it family, friends or even doing social service look outside your comfort zone, look outside your bubble of perfectionism where there is no poverty, hunger, or need. Look to the under developed and developing countries and see if there is any way to help our brothers and sisters in need.


The world is becoming worse in many ways and better in medical research, robotics, stem cell regeneration, cloning, test tube babies and so on. Dear ones don’t be a chicken, You yes You are an eagle to soar high in the sky. So get out of the sofa and read, study, learn and be an achiever in life, be a blessing to family and a boon to society.


Darlings you may be young or old, but the Lord God has chosen you, yes genetics is very important but the CHOICES you take in life is up to you, Are you ready to play this game called LIFE,? If you are ready make the right choice, the world is waiting for future leaders, future doctors, future daddies and mommies who raise up intelligent well brought up children.images-1


This generation, needs family integration without God there would be disintegration. Let there be love as the most important formation.





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