The Butterfly And A Buttercup

A Butterfly And A Buttercup


searchOne day a little yellow butterfly went up to a buttercup and had a funny hicc-cup

The sleeping buttercup woke up and said butterfly, butterfly why do you have a funny hicc-cup 

So the butterfly smiled and said little cute buttercup, I had too much honey today as I played among the flowers night and day


As I to the little Robin said good day, My Lord looked through the beautiful clouds, as the rays of the sun lighted on my wings as the breeze through the flowers and trees said its spring. 

The Lord said butterfly did you know that I love you, its not how hard you try, it’s love that I have for you that I won’t deny that’s how I justify, it’s through my grace even if the future looks like a hazy maze 

The buttercup had tears in her eyes as she saw the sunshine asking God to her petals let his love refine through His grace divine 

Having said this the butterfly flew into the sunshine, the buttercup said all she needed to hear the good news was through a beautiful yellow butterfly with a hicc-up telling her that the Lord loved her no matter what.

The buttercup smiled as the sun shown on her gentle and mild, This butter cup will no longer be wild but be the flower that proclaims the Lord’s love for

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