Love Those Who Are Different

My dear friends, comrades, citizens of the world, today I am going to talk about loving those who are different or weird as people say. We as humans love beauty, if there is beauty and charm usually popularity, wealth and power follow, like the movie legally blonde every girl wants to be a Barbie doll, or a wag or a model, why because beauty is worshiped.

What about that transgender person, or that non conforming gothic, or those who have overdone piercings young ones searching for love by bed hopping or the drunks in the ally ways or even those who have mental problems all crying out to God and society why me,? how can I be a success?, why should I bother to work if I can get benefits, dearest ones He loves, He cares, He helps.

Who is He?? He is the Lord call out to him, cry out to him tell him you want to be free of drug addiction or alcoholism or even porn addiction, He will help but we too need to help ourselves that is through prayer and rehabilitation,

You my friend are precious, you my friend are loved you my friend yes you are not a mistake, pray, read the word seek help and you too can be a blessing

Let me tell you something I was a failure I failed in an important exam and I had to go back to school with my juniors and redo the exam it was very humiliating and difficult yet as I went and did my exam the second time I passed and then went on university passed with honors and then moved to Europe.

Yes if God can take a failure like me and make me who I am today he can do the same for you, yes I was in the miry clay and he lifted me up.

You may say “ I am a non conformist and I do as I please” But darling bed hopping is not love or rebellion you are hurting yourself pray for that special person to share your intimacy, you may be gay, lesbian but remember society does not have the right to judge you even Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery, you are an individual, you are a person you have choice to make your life, darlings make your life count I am not judging you I am speaking to you in love give up binge drinking, give up cocaine you are a beautiful person you are blessed in Europe unlike the third world where people have nothing you are so so blessed get help and once you are helped help those who have fallen yes there was a time I too had fallen but He has given me my life back and I give my all to Him, read the word get help and you too will be blessed. Make the right choice “you yes you are Loved.”

God Bless You

From the Indian Aunty

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