Salvation and Justification

Hi there dear friends and munchkins, today I would like to talk about unconditional love. How do we love unconditionally? When my daughter was born I felt deep love for this gorgeous baby and I knew whatever she says or does I will love her no matter what, a mothers love has deep feelings.

If I being human love my daughter so much how much more God loves us.

In John 3 : 16 it says God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son that Whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

God is omniscient and all knowing he does Not want you to go to hell or perish, he loves you and he loves me, and he died on the cross so that everyone who believes in him shall go to heaven

Why did Jesus die on the cross isn’t he God?

The reason Jesus died on the cross was so that every man and woman and child can have salvation through grace and be justified.

What is salvation through grace and justification

When an individual asks the Lord to forgive their sins and to come into their hearts it is called salvation and salvation is for everyone who repents and asks the holy spirit Jesus into their hearts.

What is grace

We are all sinners and no matter what rituals or penance we do or how good we are there are times we fall because we are humans and that is why we have grace if you are a thief or murderer or even a bad person there is grace and forgiveness for you so we live by faith in the lord God and not by works, works of charity is good but faith in the Lord and belief in Christ is the reason we have grace,

What is justification

Justification is we are not guilty because Jesus bore the punishment of our sins on the cross so that we will not be punished but live our lives for Christ, in Christ with Christ.

Today if you have sinned ask the Lord to come into your hearts and live as Children of the Light, Children of Christ God Bless You remember God loves you unconditionally no matter how good or how bad you are God loves you xxphoto-29 10.40.17

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