A Tribute To My Uncle Ranjit Sathyaraj

  • A person who was born in a conformist family with conformist theology
  • Rose up to be a rebel yet with a heart of compassion
  • Rebellion, wildness like a black wild horse courageous
  • He rose above the forces of virtues
  • To be a wild stallion unleashed by the authorities to be who he was born to be, while people were talking about religion and rituals
  • He was spiritual in his own unique way unparalleled by dictation of the holy book, he did not speak it but walked it and lived it.
  • This wild black gorgeous wild horse yes untamed by authorities yet tamed by love by the authority the Lord
  • My dear friends, this wild, intelligent, great, fiery stallion did not bow to man or superficial religion but to the Lord of religion,
  • He loved a lot, was loved even more and his handprint of love and compassion will live forever more, the beloved of His father and grandfather his wild, rebellious yet compassionate spirit will find solace and peace like the quiet ocean, yes there were storms and waves yet his spirit is now at rest and peace that will one day awaken like the dawn the favourite time of the day for my wild uncle who was at peace with nature yet wild at heart but loved by The Lord and man

Dearest Juju Chitha ( as that was what I called Him) his memory will live in our hearts now and forever more I will love you[

So proud to be his niece and as he always told me “don’t do what I wouldn’t do”.Today a great influence in my life had gone to be with the Lord, but the memory of this awesome man, my dad’s younger brother will live in my heart for ever, he brought the joy of reading to me and always encouraged my writing yet he also was a loved people and people loved him.

He did not walk the path society put towards people but walked where his heart led him, he was a wild, compassionate intelligent man that i dare to call my uncle who i loved and will always remember him, He is now in a better place and all I can say is He was loved by all.

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