Take Me Home

When life is tough and you don’t know what to do

God are you there can you hear me weep?

My hurt goes very deep

How can I through this difficult time leap

Like driving to another land another place another race and vanish without a trace, or was it a mistake to be dressed in white and lace

And take vows that we will break

Oh God move your hand for our sake

Was this life I live in a big mistake

While the world is deteriorating

I am cooking cookies and cake

Lord this is your chance

Take me

Take me

You broke me

You molded me

You made me

now take me

no more break me

I have been broken

All I have is my daughter and a small financial token

I am yours, my tears, my fears, the pain in my heart sears

Thank you for my grandma’s prayers

My make up is in layers to cover the pain,

A mask to cover the hurt in the real me

A cream and foundation

That shakes my shroud of my fascination

I am plain but my pain from me refrain

My heart is in a terrain

Let your peace again reign not just on me but the whole land, let me with dignity one day stand and then come and take my spirit hand sans make up, sans masks, sans difficult break up

Sans pain but love that from me never refrain

As we go home on that air train

Take me

Take me home

To join you in my heavenly abode

Oye I hear my name on the train to aboard

I am young but not in years, but in spirit

I am old but not too old

Thank you

Love you

I serve you

Take me

Take me home


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