Breaking Down Barriers

Pre-suppositions breaking down barriers

Man is born into this world with pre suppositions.Ps51:5 “ surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.

I would interpret this verse” surely I was born with pre suppositions from the time I was born moulded with pre suppositions by my parents, my society, my culture, my world. My all in all existence is based on pre suppositions. Jesus came into this world to break down the pre suppositions that the Pharisees moulded and imbedded into society. Jesus was not a conformist but I would actually say a rebel to break down the rigid laws enforced by society especially the pharisaic society.

Race, Religion, Culture, Environment puts us into a box of pre-suppositions in a way we view the outside world.

Jesus did not stay at the mountain top with the rulers of that age and the Pharisees but he was the friend of the sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes and adulterers. Jesus loved and cared for those despised by society.

He touched the leper. Asked the Samaritan woman for water, washed the feet of his disciples, went to the house of Zaccehus for a meal. Jesus cleared the temple area of those who were turning God house into a market, desecrating the house of God.

Jesus was a non conformist in very many ways. He only conformed to His heavenly father and submitted to the government. Jesus was radical.

God is looking for radical Christians not tied down with pre suppositions but with an open mind and heart to change the world.

Paul came as a Pharisee with pre suppositions about Christ. Paul murdered Christians but once he met Christ, those scales of presuppositions fell from his eyes(Acts9:18) and he could now see the light of revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. There was a paradigm shift from the past life of Paul to the time he met the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? because the pre suppositions of his past fell off. He now viewed the world in a different light.

God is looking for radical Christians who can shape history. Martin Luther took out the lens of pre suppositions that the catholic church enforced on the people and brought about the light.

Martin Luther King took out the lens of pre suppositions that the black man was inferior to the white man and fought for and brought about equality.

We as Christians are to take out the lens of our prudent, self righteous, cynical selves and meet the people in the valleys, in the prisons, in the brothels and tell them about the love of Christ and more so show them the love of Christ by listening to them, caring for them, helping them and reaching out to them.

See the world in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn from Him. Have you the courage to change the world? Jesus defied the pharisaic authority, Yet he conformed to the divinity of our omnipotent authority.

( Yet not my will but yours be done)

A God that walked this earth tearing down presuppositions of society yet walked this earth with total humility.

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