The Land Of Loulous And Bambinos

ImageMy handsome son, do you know that there is a magical land far, far away called the Loulou land, where there are the most beautiful pink and purple castles which the Lolous protect from the evil Bambinos,


Listen child the Loulous are small little funny creatures, they love to lough, play hopscotch and bowling with magic  bowls in the sky and see who can make the rainbow the fastest with their bowling bowls and do you know their favourite game is golf to see you can hit the golf ball the highest to hit a star.


What did you say son ?? What they look like  ?? Hmmmm very hard to decrible I would say they are a cross between a care bear, a dog and a human. They are these super cuddly creatures with dog’s ears care bear fur and faces but with legs and hands of humans and once you see them you will love them.


All the kingdoms these Loulous live next to love them except the evil bambinos.

The Bambinos are black dogs with sharp teeth and are jealous of the Loulous as they are always happy. Oneday the Bambinos decided to to go to Loulou land and capture the Loulos but the magic good wizard of the stars came with his long cape and covered the Loulos so that their land would become invisible to the bad Bambinos and he put a fence of fire around the Loulou land so the Bambinos could not get near the Loulouland with out getting burnt.


 But do you know the Bambinos wrote a letter on a scroll to the evil witch of the  witchery that they want to eat the Loulous, so the evil witch said hehehe, yummy yummuy I can use some Loulou  meat to give me more supernatural powers to conquer the magic kingdoms, he he he.


 So the Bambinos and the evil witch plotted to take over the Loulou land and capture the happy sweet loulous, so the witch said listen here my sweet Bambinos come here while I stroke your chin, I am going to disguise myself as poor old lady and put you all my beautiful Bambinos in my back pack and when they let me in to Loulou land you put  your  witchery swords on which makes nets to capture the Loulous and take them home on my magic broom plane.Ok darlings eat up my delicious stew to make you more evil ands cunning and capture those grinning happy bears tomorrow he he hehe. And she disappeared.


Meanwhile the Loulous were playing golf and eating their favourite honey tree fruit from their magical happy honey tree, the tree was rainbow coloured with pink , purple , and blue leaves, with silver striped bark, with gold, red fruits, the fruits were so juicy and sweet and tasted like honey, so the Loulous named them their honey tree fruit. Suddenly there came a swish and a swoosh and woosh and there stood their best friend the wise good wizard.


The Wizard said “ my dear Loulous when I was in  the study I felt a cold draft pass through lolou land and the stars too seem to be warning me that there is danger ahead be very careful who you let into Loulou land and Wise loulou keep this key with a red button if there is any danger press that button, and there was a swish, there, there was a swoosh and woosh and the wizard disappeared.


The next morning all the Loulous decided they were going to play football and then play golf, suddenly the kind hearted Loulou said look an old lady is at the gate, Ohhhh she needs some fruit and a drink from our blueberry juice river and oooohhhhh she is carrying a heavy bag.


The Loulous ran to the large gate of the castle and let the old lady inside who was actually an evil witch and in her bag she was carrying the evil bambinos, suddenly there was a cloud of  dark smoke every where and the evil Bambinos jumped out of the bag and started chasing the Loulous,” help help the Loulous cried “and Mr Smart Loulou who had the magic key dropped it in the raspberry river in the chaos but the smart Loulou called his friend Mr Loulou codfish and asked him to find the magic key so that he could save the Loulous from destruction from the evil witch and the bambinos


Just as the cod fish found the magic key to give Mr Smart Loulou the bambinos caught up with him and started chasing him around the raspberry river, but smart Loulou climbed a large magic honey tree but there was no way Mr cod fish  Loulou could give him the key and the evil bambinos were circling the magic honey tree making growling noises but then Mr cod fish gave Mr Smart Loulou a wink and motioned him to hold his hands out and jumped high in the air and gave smart Loulou the key smart Loulou immediately pressed the button for help and there was a swish and a swoosh and whoosh and there was the wise wizard with a lot of friendly, helpful armed elves who chased the Bambinos away with their magic stick and they bound up the evil witch and sent her with all the evil bambinos to a far away land to never trouble the Loulous again.


The wise and good wizard helped restore the magic land of the Loulous to a safe and happy place again, and you my son if you are good one of these days you might just dream of Loulou land with it’s magic honey tree and raspberry rivers and when you wake from your dream of perfect beautiful fantasy, to rush hour chaotic traffic, and people always in a hurry to work take a deep breath and think of the life of the care free Loulous and that will bring peace amidst  our chaotic world, Good night son and sweet dreams.

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